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Stewards of the Earth

April 19, 2015

My husband and I were in Boston last weekend for vacation. We attended the college men’s national hockey championship, the “Frozen Four,” which was at TD Garden.

In today’s social media-centric society, everyone wants to tweet, Instagram or Facebook about everything, including experiences at events like the “Frozen Four.” In fact, most events now give you a hashtag (e.g, #FrozenFour) to include in your message. At the live events, including this one, they display your tweet on the Jumbotron. Fun for all!

In fact, TD Garden so encouraged that social media interaction, the facility has a charging station so at breaks we could charge our phones. As a communication professional, I love that idea and I fully expect to see more and more venues copying that model.

Yet, as soon as I thought that, my thoughts went to how greedy and consumptive we are, especially Americans. Do any of us ever stop to think about the natural resource we use when we charge our electrical devices? I know that I don’t think about it often.

I try to be careful in my use to minimize waste. When I want a device to work, however, I don’t hesitate to use the electricity – or water, or gas in my vehicle, etc.

Often I thank God for the gifts He has given us that stem from the intelligence He’s given us. I don’t doubt that God created us, by design, to continue to innovate. Innovation has led to space exploration and advances in medicine. It’s led to development of these electronic devices that allow us to communicate from any place at any time. I think these are gifts.

As with any gift, we are responsible to care for the gifts and wisely use them. That includes preserving natural resources for future generations. Being faithful stewards means we will not exhaust every gift we have available and leave nothing for others.

Instead, God wants us to share and be generous with our gifts – today and into the future. I hope that as we continue to embrace social media, we all also embrace faithful stewardship of all resources.

1 Peter 4:10 (NRSV): Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.