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Today is eclipse day!

August 21, 2017

Be careful out there. Today, Aug. 21, 2017, is a big day – the first total solar eclipse visible in the US since 1979.

I’ve heard several say, “It’s a once in a lifetime event.”

Well, not exactly for many of us. For example, on Feb. 26, 1979, when the last one occurred in the US, I was 18 years old. I was probably in class so sadly, I don’t remember that one.

The next one will be April 8, 2024. Now, I realize no one knows what the future holds. My driver license expires in 2025 so I expect I’ll be here for that one, too. At least I hope so …

I heard an ‘eclipse chaser’ over the weekend tell a reporter, “It’s a life-changing event.”

Ummm, I don’t quite get that. Who knows? Maybe it was the eclipse of 1979 that began the trajectory of the next 38 years of my life. Somehow, I doubt that.

All that aside, today is an exciting day. I’ll be in work; however, I do plan to step outside to check on it.

Without looking at the sun. Never look at the sun, especially during an eclipse.

If like me, you don’t have the proper protective glasses, please do not look at the sun. It stinks, I know. I’m annoyed with my lack of planning that’s resulted in no special glasses. Sunglasses don’t cut it.

I plan to use the old school, low tech simple card projector. Ultimately, it is the only approach I feel confident with in lieu of the proper glasses.

All the major networks will track it and NASA offers live streaming, as does the Weather Channel on its mobile app.

Here are a couple of helpful and reliable resources, in case your planning just started.

Finally, just for a quick smile, check out today’s Google doodle in the spirit of eclipse day.

Have fun, stay safe and in awe, admire the grand power of nature in this impressive show.


Happy Mother’s Day 2017

May 14, 2017

Today I wish a lovely Mother’s Day to everyone. Not all are mothers, yet we all have mothers. Some biological, some maybe not. This is a day to celebrate being a woman and girl.

We nurture others in so many ways, whether as mother or not. I became a mother 34 years ago and now, I would say I’m a better mother than daughter. I’m not a very good daughter but I try to be better.

As my mother ages, it is easier to be better … most of the time. I remind myself that the world’s fast pace is difficult for her and she doesn’t like it. She wants to have the world in which she grew up. That’s not wrong or bad. Impossible, but not wrong. Who am I to judge or try to sell her today’s crazy?100_3562

I know that she did not ask for the aging that her body has experienced. Of course, she’d still like to be agile and spry, and especially pain-free. That’s out of her control at this point.

As daughter – and as mother who must model the way for my daughter and in time her children – I must be patient and tolerant. Those are not always my best traits. From this life lesson, I can increase both and be the daughter I should be.

In many ways, it would be a Mother’s Day gift to myself, as well as my mom, my daughter.
Time is precious and limited and I have no excuse to make it anything less than happy for these dear women in my life.


I remember

September 11, 2015

We said we’ll always remember. We still say it and especially today, we say it again. I’m not sure we mean it.

Fourteen years ago today, Americans came together as we had never before done in my life. Shocked and horrified by what most of us saw on TV, we turned to friends, families and strangers in solidarity. We hugged and prayed with each other, strangers and comrades, blacks and whites, heterosexuals and gays, old and young. We were one.
Fourteen years later, we seem to fight with each other at every turn. Blame and pointing the finger of accusation at others is rampant, with few looking at themselves to see they are part of the problem.WTC_Oct2013
I’m confident that the families of the 2,977 people who died in America that day always remember. I believe I remember it more than many, although I am guilty of getting caught up in the minutiae of life that didn’t matter that morning or for months afterward.
Like an enormous ink spot on the fabric of our clear blue sky, black smoke spilled on the New York City sky. That and so many other images are permanently imprinted on my mind. The contradiction of that image, I think, is what made it so powerful for me. A perfect fall day – no clouds, bright sunshine – marred by the literal and figurative blackness of death.
Still, we came together to stand strong in our cry of, “Oh hell no! You don’t get away with doing that in America.”
For some time afterward, we stayed united. In our uniquely human way, as time moved on, we began to forget those feelings. I hope and pray we can come back to that unity soon.
Unity will empower us with strength to address the problems we face today. The attitudes so many display today are not helpful and, by our refusal to work together in peace and compassion, we dishonor each one of the 2,977 who died.
Fourteen years ago we did it. We can do it again.
I believe everyone must look at the video and images of the 9/11/01 attacks every year. Reactivating those memories is a way to bring us back to the resolve we had that day to unite and support each other.
We can do it. We have 2,977 reasons to do it to honor their lives … and their FreedomTower_2_Oct2013deaths.
I remember 9/11.

WOW factor

October 24, 2013

Getting a new boss is a lot like getting a new job. Whether we change jobs or the boss leaves, we often have the opportunity to have a new boss.

For most of us, starting a new job means we jump in with all we’ve got, giving 100 percent and our A+ work. We are eager to get started and want to show our new bosses that they made the right choice.

Similarly, when the new boss comes to us, we should bring our A-games to him or her. I like to call it the WOW factor.

We all understand the power of first impressions. Those first few days or weeks with a new boss are when we make our first impressions on this person neither of us chose. Missing out on that opportunity may be hard to recover from and sometimes, recovery never comes.

The new boss didn’t choose the staff waiting for them and many times it all works out well. That doesn’t mean that the new chief is not quickly assessing everyone’s skills and abilities. Those who deliver the outstanding quality will separate themselves from other team members. The new boss is likely to remember them as the shining stars.

How can you make that A+ impression? Here are a few ideas.
1. Impeccable work products. Your goal is perfection. No typos or misspelled words. Deliver a clean format. Provide a product that works. Meet your deadlines.
2. Work hard. If you make ‘widgets,’ make as many as you can in a day. Just be sure to meet idea #1. Exceed deadlines for deliverables.
3. Show up. Life happens and we have situations we cannot avoid like family emergencies. If you are sick with a minor illness, consider going into work for day one with the new boss. Unless it’s for a funeral, don’t schedule leave/PTO on the boss’s first day.
4. Say yes first. This is not the time to say, “Here’s what we do,” or “This is how we’ve always done it,” when the new boss suggests a new or different approach. Share information in a positive and agreeable way. Try, “Yes, we can look at that and we might want to consider that previously this approach also worked (didn’t work) well.” Convey your willingness to explore new ways and ideas and support the boss’s initiatives.
5. Take notes. You want to catch everything the new boss shares, and at the same time you are busy studying his/her body language, mannerisms and personality. That’s all necessary; however, if you miss an assignment or an important detail because you ‘forgot’ and didn’t take notes, you should expect the new boss to consider you a C-performer rather than an A-performer.

We each have the same opportunity to give the new boss the WOW factor. It is up to each employee – not the new boss – to make that happen. Most bosses want to set up their staff members for success. Staff just need to be sure they do their part in that.


Week 6

January 10, 2012

Week 6.


Oh so green

January 4, 2012

I’m kind of diggin’ Ciba Vision’s packaging of Clear Care. If you are a contact lens wearer like me, you may be familiar with the product. Until recently I’ve been wearing daily disposable lenses that I really love. But I found a montly lens that seems to provide better vision … and requires Clear Care.

Instead of 18 kazillion layers of packaging and 11X17 paper folded down to 1/2-inch thick to fit in the box, Ciba Vision prints all that excess stuff – they call it “supporting information” – on the inside of the box. Now that’s the stuff most of us don’t read anyway so probably nobody misses it.

I was looking for one particular fact and went searching for it. Side of the box says, “See carton inside flap for supporting information.” To make it even better, Ciba Vision makes sure the box opens easaily once you open the “Tamper Resistant” top.

In this era of over-packaging, this makes me happy. We Americans are still wasteful with all our things, but little steps like this can make a difference.


How Did We Get Here? (via Regaining the Center)

April 8, 2011

It is time to get politics out of the way. Playing politics seems to be easy. Facing these tough issues head on means hard work.

The question that serious people should be asking themselves now is, how did the US get to a situation where our elected officials cannot agree on what problems face America?  Republicans are stuck on the theme of cutting taxes (with a clear view that there are massive budget deficits as far as one can see) combined with deep cuts in government spending (oh, yes the largest expenditure, defense, is off the table).  Democrats see many injustices ( … Read More

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