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Voices and votes of democracy

June 4, 2012

Tomorrow is the Wisconsin governor recall election. In that it represents both a grand and basic American freedom at the same time, we should all be thankful. For all the military men and women who have sacrificed life and limb, and time with family, for our freedoms, this election is an example of the value of that cost.

We can hold this election. We can hold any election. We can hold elections without fear of any punishment or harm. We can use the electoral process to work to make change.

This is an important election for both sides; however, it is really most important that we do indeed have this process in place. This ‘check and balance’ is in place to allow Wisconsin’s citizenry a voice. Because they were dissatisfied with the current governor’s policy, they could join together to take action.

As always, an election allows for only one winner. One side will be disappointed and perhaps upset. As they wipe away that disappointment and upset, I hope they will see the joy of the freedom. Freedom to try again in another election. Freedom to continue to voice opinions and concern – hopefully in respectful and civil ways. Freedom to be part of a democracy that we must all value and protect so we all maintain our voices and our votes.


Shame on elected officials

April 8, 2011

Nearly every elected official in America needs to be ashamed of him or herself! It seems most of you have forgotten that you asked to serve your constituents. You asked by your choice to run for election, and by our votes for you, we entrusted the care and stewardship of government to you.

It is not about parties. It is about doing the right thing and getting the job done. What would your mothers (or grandmothers) say? They taught you to play nice, didn’t they?

The same rules apply in this important, grown-up ‘playground.’ It is time for you all – from the President, and Congress, to state governors and legislators, and city mayors and commissioners – to behave like grown-ups.

This is a challenging time and you face serious issues to manage. Nobody argues that; however, you asked to be in this role to serve the public. It is not about your ego and how wonderful you are in your opinion. Your role is about service to the American people.

Congress – it is time to get the job done. Pass the budget. Do what every other American worker, private and public sector, does when he or she has a deadline. We work extra hours to get it done, and get it done on time. You are already way past on time, so play nice and get it done today.

State leaders – solve the real problems and stop making scapegoats of public education, public safety, and public service to our country’s needy and underprivileged. It is only by the grace of a higher power that you and I are not in their shoes. Enjoy your rich and famous lifestyle without forgetting the responsibility you have to the least of these among us.

Again, we all appreciate the difficult tasks you have in this environment. Your constituents across this great land know that our country has the most creative and entrepreneurial spirit around. Tap into that to find new ways to address these ongoing and often old problems. Make the difficult decisions that may impact your lifestyle. Cut your own salaries and benefits, and for goodness sake, change the laws that allow you to receive your exorbitant pay while you let the federal government shut down to leave thousands more Americans without paychecks.

Government, at all levels in our democracy, provides services to citizens. It is not a for-profit corporation and the attitude to run government like a business is irrelevant. Go look in the eyes of the neediest in your constituency and tell them you want to cut programs that serve them. I dare you.


Stick to your core

April 5, 2009

I’m feeling quite intelligent today and since I don’t have a politician’s ego, I actually think about doing the right thing (trying to at least). As opposed to simply getting votes.

So it occurs to me that like many businesses, U.S. government at all levels, has made a classic operations mistake. It expanded its “business” beyond what it does and knows how to do best. Its core mission.

Isn’t the core mission of government to serve taxpayers? And by serve, wasn’t the intent things like police, fire, education, transportation, military? Those are the things government does best–better than private can do.

Yet somewhere along the line (and my guess it was during an election year) government stepped outside its core mission. Someone thought, we’re doing so well with all that, why not do more? And of course that person won said election and the push was on for all elected officials to expand government services and assure re-election.

Private businesses that expanded their business lines when the economy was booming, are scaling back now, returning to their core mission…to what they do best. Government must follow that example.

Is there a cost, a human cost to doing that? Absolutely! Votes will be lost. Some taxpayers will need to step up and meet their own needs. For those truly unable to provide for their needs, government can and should be there.

It’s clear there is no more revenue to be had for a while. Just as government is after private businesses to change their models, it must find ways to cut its costs and that means services outside the scope of government’s core mission. If it could do and did those things well, perhaps deficits and budget shortfalls would not scream at us from every corner.

We need today’s elected officials to be brave leaders. Leading means doing it right, and sometimes that means tough decisions. It requires visionaries who can see beyond today or tomorrow, and instead of slapping “band-aids” on the economic business, they force the rehab that keeps us “clean and sober” for generations to come.


Be afraid, be very afraid

April 4, 2009

In the short time the Obama administration has been at the helm, my fears about his total inexperience have only mounted. He and his bunch of tax-evading cronies do not seem to understand Economics 101.

Once upon a time, I might have said that people in pay grades much higher than me know better than me how to solve the current economic crisis. Given the current situation at the federal level and nearly every state level of government in America, I no longer believe that.

I think it’s pretty low-level economics to understand that if this president’s administration keeps spending trillions of dollars – seemingly every day – it won’t take long for the U.S. dollar to have absolutely zero value. We might as well all start printing our own money at home. Neither will have gold or other collateral backing them up but who cares!

I hope soon someone helps them recognize that this is not the way to fix things. We all need to follow basic financial principles: at home, in business and in government. In government, that sometimes mean cutting services because revenue, i.e., tax dollars, is down. At home it might mean cutting cable T.V. out of the family budget because Mom no longer has a job.

It’s not the 21st Century American way I know. But the model we closed the last century with, doesn’t work too well.


Sasha and Malia dolls

January 25, 2009

Did Mrs. Obama miss her husband’s announcement about open government? It went something like, “we are no long on the side of withholding information but making everything open.”


Apparently a new concept in federal government, but certainly not in many states, including Florida where “open government” reaches extremes. Where even state employees’ home addresses are available to anyone who asks, unless they have specific exemption under the law.


That aside, does she really believe as First Family they are “private citizens”? Sorry, Mrs. Obama, I believe you gave up that option back on Nov. 4, 2008. That means your daughters, too, are public sector…public servants, if you will.


I do not believe true professionals in media or other industries will exploit your children. There is no purpose or honor in that. Nor do I believe manufacturing dolls named after your daughters is anything but positive so I am disappointed in your comments to the media. (see link)


In my opinion this is another way your family’s influence filters down to the people. Think of all the little girls playing “White House” with those dolls. Imagine the dreams for themselves that play will conjur. And as you well know, thoughts and dreams help create habits and actions that lead to achievement.





It’s over

November 5, 2008


“I was born in the civil rights time. To see this happening is unbelievable. We’ve got the first black president. A black president!” said Mike Louis, a 53-year-old black man who got teary-eyed as he watched the election results on a giant video board in Cincinnati’s Fountain Square. “It’s not cured now, but this is a step to curing this country of racism. This is a big, giant step toward getting this country together.” [emphasis added]

Mr. Louis, your optimism seems to point the wrong direction, I believe. I think the election results show that whites are not as racist as blacks want everyone to believe. Americans – black and white – banded together to elect Obama president.

So in another historic moment in America, blacks now need to let go of the perception of racism. This country is not about white against black, and really hasn’t been for quite some time. If you truly believe this is a step in curing racism, please believe that the responsibility now rests largely with blacks. Whites let it go some time ago.


Sen. Obama I have two words for you…

November 3, 2008

Stop talking!

I am sooooo tired of hearing and seeing you every other minute on T.V. I know you’ve spent millions trying to win this campaign, ergo the continual advertising.

If it works for you, I will be devastated. Not only because you win, but because you will have bought the presidency. Here in the land of democracy that should not happen–and should not be allowed to happen.

But please, with less than 48 hours to go to election day 2008, stop talking!