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Happy Mother’s Day 2017

May 14, 2017

Today I wish a lovely Mother’s Day to everyone. Not all are mothers, yet we all have mothers. Some biological, some maybe not. This is a day to celebrate being a woman and girl.

We nurture others in so many ways, whether as mother or not. I became a mother 34 years ago and now, I would say I’m a better mother than daughter. I’m not a very good daughter but I try to be better.

As my mother ages, it is easier to be better … most of the time. I remind myself that the world’s fast pace is difficult for her and she doesn’t like it. She wants to have the world in which she grew up. That’s not wrong or bad. Impossible, but not wrong. Who am I to judge or try to sell her today’s crazy?100_3562

I know that she did not ask for the aging that her body has experienced. Of course, she’d still like to be agile and spry, and especially pain-free. That’s out of her control at this point.

As daughter – and as mother who must model the way for my daughter and in time her children – I must be patient and tolerant. Those are not always my best traits. From this life lesson, I can increase both and be the daughter I should be.

In many ways, it would be a Mother’s Day gift to myself, as well as my mom, my daughter.
Time is precious and limited and I have no excuse to make it anything less than happy for these dear women in my life.


Luv like a goose

April 29, 2015

Poppa Goose, Momma Goose and goslings on a Tuesday afternoon stroll.

While they’re mean as all get-out and uber-territorial, I sort of admire the Canadian Geese that overtake our city each spring. As I understand geese, they mate for life. There’s a novel idea for people to consider.

Geese return each year to the same location – home. They remind me how important home is to family life. Each spring, which starts in February in north Florida, they show up to reclaim their nesting space. They settle in for two or three months to give momma goose a place to lay her eggs and nurture them.

Poppa waddles around to protect her and his family-to-be. Heaven help the pedestrian who wanders too close. Poppa sqwaks and hisses, and if necessary, makes physical contact to assure his family stays safe. Many of us know that not all dads show that kind of attention … or love.

Today I smiled when I saw Mr. & Mrs. Goose and family strolling in my neighborhood. I’m not foolish so I didn’t try to get close. Yet, in that instant, the geese and goslings represented the best of family that we seem to be losing in American human families.

Maybe these best practices of geese, can help humans ‘do’ family better. Perhaps we just need to keep it simple and turn to geese as a model for family life.


Hope of Advent

December 17, 2012

I hope they can. I pray then can. I am not sure I could have.

Gone on.

I remember when my now approaching-30-year-old daughter was growing up, trying to imagine how I might feel if something happened to her. She was sick a lot so that fueled my worry. Child abductions seemed to be the biggest external worry, and while we, too, lived in a safe community that could never imagine something evil happening there, other moms and I did not take that for granted.

School was a safe place for her and especially in elementary school, it was mostly a fun place. She was in high school when the shootings at Columbine in Colorado happened. Even then, it was so beyond belief I never believed it would become repetitive.

Now, in the 2012 holiday season, evil polluted an innocent town and took the lives of 26 innocent people, including young children. It is unfathomable and I can only pretend to imagine how their parents and families feel right now.

It is time for us all to stand together to identify the root cause of these shootings. To date, committed by young men. It is not in my opinion, with all due respect to actor Morgan Freeman, because of the media coverage. That seems the easy answer to me.

I think it is much deeper than that and it is time to leave no stone unturned and face the harsh reality that what we allow as a society is just not working. Those details are for another day. Today I want to somehow convey that I also feel anguish and heartbreak for every family in Newtown, Connecticut, who now faces this holiday season without a cherished loved one.

Faith is often difficult and for me, often riddled with questions. Why this happens is one of those? Yet, as I thought about Advent this weekend and the promise of Christ’s birth with the everlasting life he brings, I prayed that those families can find a whisper of comfort knowing that Jesus holds their babies and loved ones in his arms. They wait for the day they will see you again. For now, they are eternally safe in the embrace of our mighty God. He knows them by name, and we pray for them by name as well (see link).


Happy Independence Day!

June 19, 2011
Jacksonville, Florida 4th of July

Jacksonville loves fireworks!

Happy Independence Day!

With the prelude of cannons, like the bride and groom at their first wedding dance, we cheer the colorful embers dancing with the stars! Star-Spangled Banner, My Country ‘Tis of Thee mix with patriotic country ballads and Bruce Springsteen. Our bellies are full from burgers, hot dogs or fried chicken and Grandma’s potato salad, and our skin is sticky with dried sweat from a long day in the summer sun. Even though we’re just a little bit comatose from all that abundance, we stand to cheer and ahhhh at this deep-rooted tradition that is America.

This year of 2011, governments are damned if theydo, damned if they don’t. In tight budget times with high unemployment, there is a faction that will cry foul if cities go forward with their usual fireworks displays on the Fourth of July. And there are others, like me, who will decry the decision to cancel fireworks displays.

Modern America is not known for its philosophy of moderation. We are a nation of extremes, so we rarely consider the opportunity to find middle ground. In this instance, where our service men and women continue to help foreign countries fight to obtain and maintain independence, across America we owe it to them to honor and celebrate our 235 years of independence.

A lazy day of backyard cookouts with family and friends is the core of our July Fourth tradition, and as American as baseball, Mom and apple pie. A fireworks display at sunset is the enormous bow on the package of a life of freedom!

In Florida where I live it is so dry that we shouldn’t have fireworks for safety reasons. That makes me sad but I understand because safety comes first. But the budgetary excuses irritate me. Scale back, 10 percent, 15 percent or even 25 percent. Just do something that reminds your local residents to revel in the privilege of freedom we have in the USA.

Freedom is reason to celebrate!

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Wake-up call

September 7, 2009

A recent New York Times article talked about starting our days online. I admit, I hit the computer within the first hour of being awake. Quick read of new e-mails, doing my online devotions, checking weather, clicking and all its tabs, and making sure the online banking is all in order. Pretty much routine for all of us today.

What struck me in the article was the dad who said he uses text messaging to wake up his kids so he doesn’t have to go upstairs to wake them? Huh????

Dad, you are missing out on some special moments with your kids. A text message versus a warm touch and smile from dad…what do you think creates the most special memories for your children?

My daughter is grown now but I made it a rule to be with her every morning unless I was traveling. I went to her room until she decided she didn’t need me doing that anymore (enter her own alarm clock), but we still had breakfast together. While she was in college, I e-mailed her each morning just to start her day with a hi from home.

Sure, cell phones are the new alarm clocks and there is nothing wrong with teaching a child the responsibility of setting and using an alarm. Texting a good morning message to your child if you are on the road or they are away at college is a great use of the available technology.

But using it to replace a few minutes of your time with your child sends a wrong message in my opinion.

“My child, you are not important enough for me to take time to walk up the stairs to be with you as you start your day.”

I never got any thanks from my daughter for the college morning e-mails or the breakfasts with mom. But I’m pretty sure when I’m gone, or heaven forbid, old and senile, she will remember those times and know that she was loved deeply.


What’s different?

April 18, 2009

Besides money, what is really the difference between “Octo-Mom” and Angelina Jolie? There’s a rumor that Jolie is pregnant for the 7th time, on top of all the adopted children.

Call me crazy, but I don’t see how either one of those women can really mother that many children. But since Jolie has money and presumably staff, i.e., hired mommies, nobody questions her sanity.

I’m not suggesting either Octo-Mom or Jolie are sane, but I think it’s unfair and a mistake that nobody investigates Jolie as mother.



February 21, 2009
Kooper--ready for some foooootball!! Jan 31, 2009

Kooper--ready for some foooootball!! Jan 31, 2009



Kooper has really cut into my writing time over the past month. Who is Kooper, you ask? New boyfriend? New boss? Baby?


Kooper is our new puppy. Since it’s been 13 years since we Nikki, our late Bichon, was a pup, I had completely forgotten just how much like infants/toddlers they are. And my husband and I just started dating when I got Nikki so he wasn’t involved much in the training of her so this is a real “trip” for him!


Like children, puppies are wonderful for the soul…despite the sleepless nights. The same characteristic I love in children, I am enjoying with Koops. Seeing the world through young eyes means everything around is a new adventure. A leaf blowing across the lawn, a hawk soaring overhead, balloons, bands playing at a local block party, a motorcycle roaring up the street, every person we see—all of it!


Watching the world in motion is a pastime of mine as a writer, but Kooper has given me a fresh lens with which to observe. And his spirit changes the way I engage with the world around me. More than just watching, we explore. It takes me back to my childhood and the fun of discovering new things and places.


Most of what Kooper and I are discovering aren’t really new to me, but they feel new when I see his reactions. Each day he gets a little braver and approaches each new thing a bit more eagerly. But often at not quite four months old, he is still a clumsy, cautious and adorable pup.