Lent Day 33

March 27, 2015

Spring storm season started this week with a vengeance. In Arkansas and Oklahoma, ‘tornado alley’ struck again.

I never understand why God lets these things happen. Moore, Oklahoma, got hit again this week. I can only try to imagine how frightening that had to be for all of them in that town.

I’ve seen tornadoes on stormy summer evenings in North Dakota. They scare me and thankfully my home and town never got hit. But I respect tornadoes. They are powerful.

I wonder how many people in Moore trusted in God as either of those monster tornadoes approached them. Would I? I know I forget to do that sometimes, especially in the midst of a crisis. I wonder how confident in God I would feel after what so many there experienced in 2013. I think I might feel that God abandoned us then so I wouldn’t want to count on Him now.

Maybe – hopefully – they also see that God was with them afterward. Through each other and through the others who provided resources to help them rebuild. Hopefully they see that God cares for us in ways we don’t understand and can’t imagine.

It doesn’t mean it will be easy or devoid of fear or struggle for us as we journey through our lives. But He is there – always.

Matthew 28:20 (NRSV): “and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”


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