Lent Day 32

March 26, 2015

Yesterday I blogged about Vanuatu and all the island’s food being gone. This morning I read a news story about a fight over food between brothers in Pasco County, Florida. I don’t know if that means the fight was over not enough food or one wanting something another had.

Regardless, two of the brothers are dead this morning. One of them shot two brothers and one died. The shooter then killed himself. All while their mom was at work.

Once again a tragic, sad story. Unfathomable to me. From what I know of Pasco County it is a poor county and the people are as hard as life is there.
It reminds me again that as Christians, God calls us to help and serve the needy. Do we respond? Not always. Many of us try but a few of us cannot help everyone.

I ask God to help us all to answer His call and serve when and where we can. I also pray that God be with what is left of this Pasco County family. Help the mother and remaining sons through their grief. Comfort them with the knowledge that You now have her sons in Your almighty embrace. Amen.


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