Lent Day 31

March 25, 2015

It’s Thanksgiving and Christmas when we tend to think about helping others, at least in America. Yet this Lent offers us all an opportunity to help those in need.

Little more than a week ago, Cyclone Pam destroyed the island of Vanuatu and other South Pacific areas. I heard Friday on NPR that within just three days, the people of that island will have no food left. The cyclone destroyed all their gardens and food sources. That’s almost unfathomable in America, at least in my life.

We have food insecurity in our country yet the country still has food. If I understood the news story correctly, Vanuatu will have no food anywhere.
In my Lent Begins blog, I talked about ‘taking up’ rather than ‘giving up’ for Lent. Perhaps this is what that really means. Taking up the work to help an entire country now left with nothing.

I think that is what God expects of us. At all times. Not just at Christmas when we’re all in the holiday spirit. As Christians, helping others when and where we can is part of the discipleship God calls us to.

I’m not brave enough to go to places like Vanuatu as a relief worker. Some will and thank God for them. I can donate some money to try to help those families rebuild. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything on my church’s national website, http://www.elca.org (unless I missed it), about relief fundraising to help Vanuatu. I found this UNICEF website that is raising funds for Vanuatu. Please consider giving through your favorite source.


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