Lent Day 29

March 23, 2015

Yesterday in church we sang an old, familiar-to-many hymn, Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling. Written by Will L. Thompson who lived from 1847-1909, it’s an oldie.

I never loved it but I don’t mind it. I may be wrong but I believe it’s one my paternal grandmother loves. It has always struck me as a funeral song. Not that I really remember hearing it at a funeral but the words made me think about death. Until yesterday morning.

As I sang, listened and considered the lyrics, it felt more like a hymn inviting us all to faith in God. The song says Jesus is calling us all to “come home.” “Home” being heaven is what I thought before.

Now I see that “home” is simply a relationship with God – faith. Life can make us “weary” and Jesus is there to take our burdens and ease our weariness.

We’ve no need to “tarry” in our unfaithfulness or our weak faith. We can just turn back to our faith and God’s unconditional love and grace. Lent gives us all that reminder and time to tend to or find our faith.


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