Fifth Sunday in Lent

March 22, 2015

My prayer

You are the Great Creator.
Your works are artistry that amaze me.
From the smallest mustard seed or insect,
to the mammoth dinosaurs of the past
and fantastic creatures walking our earth today.
You create people in your likeness
yet we are each unique and unlike another.
You painted us with a rainbow of beautiful color.

You are the Great Healer.
I pray You will heal all who are injured or ill.
I know that Your healing may mean ending someone’s suffering.
Help us understand and accept that.
I ask You to hold my dear 99-year-old grandmother in Your care
as she recovers from the flu and a fall.
Please hold my friend, Margie, and her surgeon in Your hands
as she undergoes knee replacement surgery tomorrow.

As we recognize Your healing power,
help us to see that Lent and Jesus’ Easter resurrection
also bring healing to us all.
If we only believe and accept Your unconditional grace,
You heal us all through eternal life with You.



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