Lent Day 25

March 18, 2015

I love music. My family, especially my mom, loves music and I grew up listening to a variety of music, especially classical.

As an adult, I still love a variety of music including some contemporary Christian music. I don’t really listen to it regularly and my church hasn’t yet fully embraced contemporary music, so it’s usually by chance that I find a new song.

Earlier I blogged about the song, “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone).” The first time I heard it was on NPR, I believe, and I stopped what I was doing to hear and consider the words.

Imagine my joy when in church Sunday, one of our choirs led us in singing “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone).” As much as I love the melody of this song with its blend of the traditional “Amazing Grace” music plus the variation the Chris Tomlin, “My Chains are Gone,” it is the lyrics – the words – that are so emotionally powerful for me.

As I reflect on those words, I feel the Easter joy that will follow this season of Lent. Because of Jesus’ 40-day journey and death on the cross, our chains are gone forever. The chains of death have no power over us.

It gives me such freedom and confidence. Not to live my life in any ill way. Just to know that no matter what happens, God’s “mercy reigns” and He blesses me with his unending grace and eternal life.


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