Lent Day 21

March 13, 2015

Gracious and Holy God, your Spirit blows into and through our lives, reminding us of your deep love for us and your deep love for the world. We are amazed and yes, often frightened, yet you carry us forward in mission. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

This prayer is from a devotion I read back in 2008. It continues to apply to me and my life and I try to pray it weekly.

It’s kind of easy in the craziness of everyday life – jobs, school, groceries, kids’ activities, other family, fitness, housework and on and on – to forget about God’s love. I know it’s there but to truly take time to rejoice in it may slip to the bottom of my to-do list.

I’m not suggesting God should be a “to-do.” I don’t mean to make my relationship with God a to-do. If I’m honest, however, it happens that way sometimes.

In my humanness, I want to squeeze so much into every day. I suppose I feel some satisfaction, some warped sense of importance, when I’m busy with all these things that are not God.

That’s wrong, of course. Is it that tempter again, the devil, trying to deceive me? It misleads me and tries to turn me away from God’s deep love.
It tricks me into thinking the things and activities are secure and comfortable, that they offer lifelong security. They even feel comfortable quite often. But they must not replace God in my life and they cannot deliver the grace and eternal life that our God delivers.

Lent reminds me that no matter my weakness, God is in my life. As is His deep love for me and all of us. Fully turning my life over to God can be frightening and adds an unknown dimension. He will be beside me – and us – every step of the way, ready to help us start again as many times as we need.


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