Lent Day 18

March 10, 2015

Parenting is hard work and a huge responsibility. Our children are gifts from God and we cherish them. For me, no other love is like the love for my child.

Flesh of my flesh. A physical part of me. My heart. For all of her life – and mine.

It’s not easy. Parenting takes energy. When they’re little, it’s a lot of physical energy. As they get older, parents expend more emotional energy. At least I did.

Unlike us, our Almighty parent, God, never runs out of energy for us. Oh thank goodness!

We may be the most trying children with our enormous spectrum of behaviors. From mildly naughty to pure evil.

I’m not sure how – or if – God loves the evil. To help me, I have to believe He doesn’t. Unless they truly repent and it seems many never do.

For the rest of us, I am so grateful to you, God. You help us restart and give us fresh chances again and again. Throughout every step of our days, You are with us and unconditionally love us. During this Lenten season, help me to recognize and cherish that gift each day.


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