Third Sunday in Lent

March 8, 2015

My Prayer

As I journey through this Lent
in a more reflective and repentant way
than maybe I ever have,
I force myself to look closely at my sinful ways.

I do the things I do not want to do.
Most often to the people I love most.

Often I pray asking You for Your help
and still I sin. Repeat my bad behaviors.

My impatience. My short-temperedness. My selfishness.
Not evil sins but on-so-not God-like.

I’m smart. I’m faithful. I should be able to overcome.
Why aren’t You helping me?


Is my sin that I am not hearing you?
That impatience thing again?


Alright, I’m hearing you now. I need to slow down.
To ask for Your guidance and wait for Your response.

I ask you again, Lord, to help me have that patience.
I will continue to strive to listen and hear You.

Thank you for your endless patience with me.
And for your enduring grace that saves us all.



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