Lent Day 16

March 7, 2015


The God Pause devotion for March 5 screamed at me. Specifically:
“I am sure that if it were socially acceptable to do so, many of us would love to give our opinions to people we encounter on how we think they should live. But how can we really say what that is? Do we really even know what’s best for our own lives, let alone the lives of others?”
I am the oldest and I’m sure my brother and sister would quickly say I’m the older bossy sister. My husband and daughter might say the same.

As I get older I think I’ve learned to temper my bossiness … at least externally. I confess that in my mind I’m often ‘telling’ people what they should do.

How do I know what’s best for them? Mostly I’m guessing at my own life and what I need.

He who created us and who knows every hair on our heads, also knows what is best for us. The devotion goes on to remind us that God loves us no matter what.

That is the ongoing message of this Lenten season that gives me hope. Even when I’m at my worst and my bossiest. Even when my earthly family wants to throw me out the door. Even when I’m not happy with myself. God is with me. He loves me and “redeems and renews” me. Amen.


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