Lent Day 14

March 5, 2015

I wrote about this Facebook post yesterday, related to the question it asks. I also like its observation that the cross resembles a plus sign. Which it does, right?

That’s interesting to me because the cross is a symbol that comforts me. A plus sign on the other hand stresses me.
It calls math to my mind. My least favorite subject and a concept my brain is just unable to embrace. I don’t see the world in pluses and minuses.

I see it in opportunities, and losses because they are part of life. That’s my creative or maybe philosophical view, not mathematical.

The cross has both pluses and minuses. It took our Christ away – a minus. Yet I remember, that minus gave us an unbelievable plus. Eternal life with God. So this ‘plus sign’ is pretty important to me.

Like math, it’s not any easier for my mind – intellectually – to understand, but it provides infinite hope. (Something math rarely does for me.) No matter how it looks to us, rest certain that the cross – the ultimate plus sign – delivers this priceless gift to all believers.


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