Lent Day 13

March 4, 2015

This Facebook post asks an interesting question. What are you adding to your faith life during Lent?

Blogging for 40 days may be the biggest addition to my faith life this year. It allows me, or maybe forces me, to pay attention to details about Lent so I have something to write about. It also means I need to check the Bible so I share accurate information.

It’s not that I don’t read the Bible, but I am remiss in daily reading. I receive a daily email, God Pause devotion, which includes scripture I read as part of the devotion.

The difference is that it comes to me. To blog, I must go to the Bible. I am thankful for the online version that allows me to leverage the power of technology to find what I’m looking for without leaving my trusty keyboard.

My mother has always wanted me to try Bible Study groups. I have tried it and found that it really wasn’t for me. I often felt like I just didn’t see things, even Biblical things, the same way others did.

Mom’s reply once was that perhaps others need to hear my different thoughts. Maybe they do (or don’t) need to hear them, but it usually seemed to me that they didn’t want to hear them. It can be uncomfortable to question long-held understandings.

That’s ok. I’m not the sort of Christian who wants to cram down your throat what I believe. I’d rather work on my actions so that my example will pique your interest in Christianity or my church.

Probably most of the time I don’t succeed at that. God keeps giving me chances to do better at that and the Bible reading. Lent especially reminds me that I am forgiven, over and over, and it’s okay to just keep trying.


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