Second Sunday in Lent

March 1, 2015

My prayer

End the savage violence that pervades our world.

Evil senseless abductions and barbaric murders for no reason that I can even pretend to understand.

Omnipotent God, please deliver worldwide peace.

Help us all become generous with what we have so that everyone has enough.

Guide those with much, to give much. And those with less, to give as they can.

Loving God, please spare everyone from poverty.

Cure all life-changing and life-ending illnesses.

Not to spare us from eternal life with You, but to ease our lives on this earth.

Healing God, make us all healthy and able.

Spare children from darkness and abuse from anyone.

From abusive, murdering parents or adults to bullying peers, online or face-to-face.

Gracious, God, parent of us all, wrap children in Your love and protection.

We weak sinners can be our own worst enemies and we mistreat our bodies.

Stop addictions to drugs, to overeating and under-exercising, and other self-destruction.

Omniscient, God, guide us to the gifts You know are best for us.

Lead us through this Lenten season to renewal with You.

Help us see and show others how comforting and hopeful a faithful life with You can be.

I pray in thanksgiving to You for the glorious gift and sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ.


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