Lent Day Ten

February 28, 2015

Music is a huge part of my faith and my worship experience. It is through music that I often feel like I connect.

Think about doing something, a hobby, that you really enjoy and look forward to doing. For me, it’s writing. On good writing days I feel myself get in the ‘zone.’ It’s hard for me to describe but I think we all recognize it when it happens to us. It’s as if my internal self absorbs my external self. We perform as one to become even better at writing (or your favorite thing).

When music connects with me, I achieve that same feeling. The music’s power takes me to the ‘zone’ and makes everything clearer for me. It also fuels my creative self, that God-given talent that is unique to me.

In worship, the words and melody speak more clearly to me than reading the words in the Bible. Perhaps that is why from an early age I cherished the hymnal and still do.

Maybe because I’m a lifelong Lutheran, I like both old and new worship music. One of my favorite hymns from a young age has been, “Onward Christian Soldiers.” It’s a classic written in the late 1800s. (I also see that our current Lutheran hymnal does not include it.) Equally as much, I like, “Borning Cry,” a newer hymn (1985) as compared to “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

I like some current Christian rock, like, “10,000 Reasons,” and “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone).” Unlike many I know, I don’t listen to Christian music radio stations. I generally don’t enjoy that, which means I may be late to find another current ‘hymn’ that I’d like. It’s the same with classical music. I relish attending a symphony concert, e.g., classical music. But for a few favorites, I don’t care to listen to classical music on the radio.

As a writer and reader, words are among my favorite toys. Both secular and Christian songs have words. A pretty melody without words that resonate with me won’t take me to that ‘zone.’ When I come upon that right blend (for me) of words and music, I expand my faith, my soul, my mind.

According to the online Bible, “music” appears 41 times in God’s Word. I like to think that means God also loves music and recognizes that we can receive His message from many media.



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