Lent Day Nine

February 27, 2015

In an earlier post I mentioned that I’m a Lutheran preacher’s daughter and stepdaughter, Yes, two years after my parents divorced, my mom met and soon married another Lutheran minister. At times I still wonder how on earth that could have happened and as a teenager, I was certain it was one of the top ten worst things that could have happened to me.

Since then I’ve grown to appreciate the unique experience that gave me. It’s given me a perspective of faith that others may not have.

First, it’s made me feel comfortable in church, particularly a Lutheran church. It is a second home in ways for me because it’s nearly been part of my entire life. My dad’s church was essentially across our backyard. We lived in the parsonage and many days we visited Dad in his church office. I remember him making instant coffee that was awful, by both kid and adult standards. We sipped at it anyway and felt quite grown-up.

Because of that comfortable, relaxed feeling, I don’t take everything about church so seriously. It’s important but it also involves humans and I think that means it’s ok if it’s not all just ‘perfect’ and staid.

I also know that pastors themselves are human. Everyone knows that on some level but I’ve lived with them. I don’t hold them in quite the reverence others may. Pastors heard and answered God’s call, and they know a whole lot more than I do about Hebrew,Jesus and God. But they, too, are sinners.

While my dad was in seminary, I started first grade and began to learn to read, which I immediately loved. Sunday mornings I wanted to read the hymnal and follow along during worship. Surprisingly, I remember my dad patiently helping me with that. That year for Christmas, Dad and Mom gave me my own hymnal. (For any Lutherans reading this, it was the ‘old’ red hymnal.) Since then I’ve bought each hymnal version that comes out so I continue to have my own ‘book,’ as my siblings and I called it as kids.

When you boil it down, it’s a book, in a building like others that I’ve spent lots of time in, with people mostly like me. What’s so special about that? Nothing, except that God, His love and grace, and our shared faith unite us there.  Lent is our opportunity as Christians to reflect on that and strive to increase our faithfulness.


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