First Sunday in Lent

February 22, 2015

God’s call. Many talk about hearing God’s call. Ministers especially talk about this and it should be an important part of their process to become God’s servant.

For me, I often wonder how many times I’ve heard – and listened – or missed God’s call to me. For example, deciding to write a daily blog post through Lent 2015. Was that God calling me or was it my ego saying I should do this? I’m not sure.

I’ve had times when I know for certain God spoke to me. One I distinctly remember was driving to work early on a still-dark and wintry morning. Something, God, told me to slow down and watch out for a pedestrian ahead on a road that didn’t usually have folks out walking around.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, a person was ahead of me walking across the street. Had I not heard and heeded that voice, I would have hit that person and tragically changed both of our lives.

Whenever my church has asked to me to serve, I’ve questioned whether it is God’s call to me. When the pastor or a council member asks me to serve in specific way, is it God’s voice?

On a Sunday evening six years ago, a dear woman, Joan, from our church asked me to chair the Fellowship Committee. That very morning during worship, I felt called to work with the youth in our church. Instead, Joan asked me to do something that had not entered my mind. Huh?

What should I do with that? The church-y answer is to pray about it. I do but even then I’m not sure I get a clear answer. It’s a mental and emotional struggle for me to reach these decisions.

In the end, I said yes and enjoyed my two years, which gave my husband and I the chance to meet many more people in this new-to-us church. It also led to me saying yes, again, to the pastor at the end of those two years to being council president for the next two years.

I’ll always continue to seek God’s call and slow myself down to be able to hear it. In gratitude I ask God to continue to be patient with me.

Lord God, be my vision and my guide and open me up to what it is I need to see and where it is you are calling me to go. Drive me, dear Lord, to be your servant in this world and empower me to be your hands and feet. Amen

Romans 2:7 (ESV): to those who by patience in well-doing seek for glory and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life


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