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Hope of Advent

December 17, 2012

I hope they can. I pray then can. I am not sure I could have.

Gone on.

I remember when my now approaching-30-year-old daughter was growing up, trying to imagine how I might feel if something happened to her. She was sick a lot so that fueled my worry. Child abductions seemed to be the biggest external worry, and while we, too, lived in a safe community that could never imagine something evil happening there, other moms and I did not take that for granted.

School was a safe place for her and especially in elementary school, it was mostly a fun place. She was in high school when the shootings at Columbine in Colorado happened. Even then, it was so beyond belief I never believed it would become repetitive.

Now, in the 2012 holiday season, evil polluted an innocent town and took the lives of 26 innocent people, including young children. It is unfathomable and I can only pretend to imagine how their parents and families feel right now.

It is time for us all to stand together to identify the root cause of these shootings. To date, committed by young men. It is not in my opinion, with all due respect to actor Morgan Freeman, because of the media coverage. That seems the easy answer to me.

I think it is much deeper than that and it is time to leave no stone unturned and face the harsh reality that what we allow as a society is just not working. Those details are for another day. Today I want to somehow convey that I also feel anguish and heartbreak for every family in Newtown, Connecticut, who now faces this holiday season without a cherished loved one.

Faith is often difficult and for me, often riddled with questions. Why this happens is one of those? Yet, as I thought about Advent this weekend and the promise of Christ’s birth with the everlasting life he brings, I prayed that those families can find a whisper of comfort knowing that Jesus holds their babies and loved ones in his arms. They wait for the day they will see you again. For now, they are eternally safe in the embrace of our mighty God. He knows them by name, and we pray for them by name as well (see link).