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Voices and votes of democracy

June 4, 2012

Tomorrow is the Wisconsin governor recall election. In that it represents both a grand and basic American freedom at the same time, we should all be thankful. For all the military men and women who have sacrificed life and limb, and time with family, for our freedoms, this election is an example of the value of that cost.

We can hold this election. We can hold any election. We can hold elections without fear of any punishment or harm. We can use the electoral process to work to make change.

This is an important election for both sides; however, it is really most important that we do indeed have this process in place. This ‘check and balance’ is in place to allow Wisconsin’s citizenry a voice. Because they were dissatisfied with the current governor’s policy, they could join together to take action.

As always, an election allows for only one winner. One side will be disappointed and perhaps upset. As they wipe away that disappointment and upset, I hope they will see the joy of the freedom. Freedom to try again in another election. Freedom to continue to voice opinions and concern – hopefully in respectful and civil ways. Freedom to be part of a democracy that we must all value and protect so we all maintain our voices and our votes.