Ciao 2011

January 2, 2012

Her champagne-colored attire softens the moon’s glow in the New Year’s Eve, her color warm with a little ‘buzz’ from the bubbly. She rests on her back, exhausted with 2011, like so many of us. Showing us only the bottom half of her sphere.

Her glow reminds me of a harvest moon … a partial harvest, even stark perhaps, in the leanness of 2011’s economic environment. Still, a sign of promise for the New Year. We will have a harvest again in 2012 and for many of us harvest is to have just enough of what we need. In fact, shouldn’t that be all we want?

Champagne-lit moon in her bed of deep, clear midnight blue. Her gentle light blurs the sparkle of any stars, but I don’t really mind. She leads each night into a new day, and into a new year. A constant amid a life of constant change.


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