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How Did We Get Here? (via Regaining the Center)

April 8, 2011

It is time to get politics out of the way. Playing politics seems to be easy. Facing these tough issues head on means hard work.

The question that serious people should be asking themselves now is, how did the US get to a situation where our elected officials cannot agree on what problems face America?  Republicans are stuck on the theme of cutting taxes (with a clear view that there are massive budget deficits as far as one can see) combined with deep cuts in government spending (oh, yes the largest expenditure, defense, is off the table).  Democrats see many injustices ( … Read More

via Regaining the Center


Shame on elected officials

April 8, 2011

Nearly every elected official in America needs to be ashamed of him or herself! It seems most of you have forgotten that you asked to serve your constituents. You asked by your choice to run for election, and by our votes for you, we entrusted the care and stewardship of government to you.

It is not about parties. It is about doing the right thing and getting the job done. What would your mothers (or grandmothers) say? They taught you to play nice, didn’t they?

The same rules apply in this important, grown-up ‘playground.’ It is time for you all – from the President, and Congress, to state governors and legislators, and city mayors and commissioners – to behave like grown-ups.

This is a challenging time and you face serious issues to manage. Nobody argues that; however, you asked to be in this role to serve the public. It is not about your ego and how wonderful you are in your opinion. Your role is about service to the American people.

Congress – it is time to get the job done. Pass the budget. Do what every other American worker, private and public sector, does when he or she has a deadline. We work extra hours to get it done, and get it done on time. You are already way past on time, so play nice and get it done today.

State leaders – solve the real problems and stop making scapegoats of public education, public safety, and public service to our country’s needy and underprivileged. It is only by the grace of a higher power that you and I are not in their shoes. Enjoy your rich and famous lifestyle without forgetting the responsibility you have to the least of these among us.

Again, we all appreciate the difficult tasks you have in this environment. Your constituents across this great land know that our country has the most creative and entrepreneurial spirit around. Tap into that to find new ways to address these ongoing and often old problems. Make the difficult decisions that may impact your lifestyle. Cut your own salaries and benefits, and for goodness sake, change the laws that allow you to receive your exorbitant pay while you let the federal government shut down to leave thousands more Americans without paychecks.

Government, at all levels in our democracy, provides services to citizens. It is not a for-profit corporation and the attitude to run government like a business is irrelevant. Go look in the eyes of the neediest in your constituency and tell them you want to cut programs that serve them. I dare you.