Random thoughts

September 3, 2009

Jon and Kate, we are over you. Move on, get back under the radar. You’re not special anymore. If you would have succeeded at your marriage and raising eight kids, you’d be special. More so if you could have done it without TV fame. You didn’t do either. We are over you!

Pfizer–how about letting them do business? We need their products, we need jobs, we need capitalism. We don’t need government on this mission to take over commercial America.

On that note, government needs to stay out of health care, at least the insurance side of it. How about you let the insurers develop products that meet the needs of those who can’t afford large group plans? The small businesses that want to provide something affordable for their employees. A private product. Government already takes care of the uninsured with Medicare and Medicaid. Revamp those rules if need be, stick to them and enforce them. But stay out of private business!

That’s all for tonight!


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