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The Most Important Setting for Your WordPress Blog

September 23, 2009

The Most Important Setting for Your WordPress Blog

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Wake-up call

September 7, 2009

A recent New York Times article talked about starting our days online. I admit, I hit the computer within the first hour of being awake. Quick read of new e-mails, doing my online devotions, checking weather, clicking and all its tabs, and making sure the online banking is all in order. Pretty much routine for all of us today.

What struck me in the article was the dad who said he uses text messaging to wake up his kids so he doesn’t have to go upstairs to wake them? Huh????

Dad, you are missing out on some special moments with your kids. A text message versus a warm touch and smile from dad…what do you think creates the most special memories for your children?

My daughter is grown now but I made it a rule to be with her every morning unless I was traveling. I went to her room until she decided she didn’t need me doing that anymore (enter her own alarm clock), but we still had breakfast together. While she was in college, I e-mailed her each morning just to start her day with a hi from home.

Sure, cell phones are the new alarm clocks and there is nothing wrong with teaching a child the responsibility of setting and using an alarm. Texting a good morning message to your child if you are on the road or they are away at college is a great use of the available technology.

But using it to replace a few minutes of your time with your child sends a wrong message in my opinion.

“My child, you are not important enough for me to take time to walk up the stairs to be with you as you start your day.”

I never got any thanks from my daughter for the college morning e-mails or the breakfasts with mom. But I’m pretty sure when I’m gone, or heaven forbid, old and senile, she will remember those times and know that she was loved deeply.


Random thoughts

September 3, 2009

Jon and Kate, we are over you. Move on, get back under the radar. You’re not special anymore. If you would have succeeded at your marriage and raising eight kids, you’d be special. More so if you could have done it without TV fame. You didn’t do either. We are over you!

Pfizer–how about letting them do business? We need their products, we need jobs, we need capitalism. We don’t need government on this mission to take over commercial America.

On that note, government needs to stay out of health care, at least the insurance side of it. How about you let the insurers develop products that meet the needs of those who can’t afford large group plans? The small businesses that want to provide something affordable for their employees. A private product. Government already takes care of the uninsured with Medicare and Medicaid. Revamp those rules if need be, stick to them and enforce them. But stay out of private business!

That’s all for tonight!