February 21, 2009
Kooper--ready for some foooootball!! Jan 31, 2009

Kooper--ready for some foooootball!! Jan 31, 2009



Kooper has really cut into my writing time over the past month. Who is Kooper, you ask? New boyfriend? New boss? Baby?


Kooper is our new puppy. Since it’s been 13 years since we Nikki, our late Bichon, was a pup, I had completely forgotten just how much like infants/toddlers they are. And my husband and I just started dating when I got Nikki so he wasn’t involved much in the training of her so this is a real “trip” for him!


Like children, puppies are wonderful for the soul…despite the sleepless nights. The same characteristic I love in children, I am enjoying with Koops. Seeing the world through young eyes means everything around is a new adventure. A leaf blowing across the lawn, a hawk soaring overhead, balloons, bands playing at a local block party, a motorcycle roaring up the street, every person we see—all of it!


Watching the world in motion is a pastime of mine as a writer, but Kooper has given me a fresh lens with which to observe. And his spirit changes the way I engage with the world around me. More than just watching, we explore. It takes me back to my childhood and the fun of discovering new things and places.


Most of what Kooper and I are discovering aren’t really new to me, but they feel new when I see his reactions. Each day he gets a little braver and approaches each new thing a bit more eagerly. But often at not quite four months old, he is still a clumsy, cautious and adorable pup.


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