Sasha and Malia dolls

January 25, 2009

Did Mrs. Obama miss her husband’s announcement about open government? It went something like, “we are no long on the side of withholding information but making everything open.”


Apparently a new concept in federal government, but certainly not in many states, including Florida where “open government” reaches extremes. Where even state employees’ home addresses are available to anyone who asks, unless they have specific exemption under the law.


That aside, does she really believe as First Family they are “private citizens”? Sorry, Mrs. Obama, I believe you gave up that option back on Nov. 4, 2008. That means your daughters, too, are public sector…public servants, if you will.


I do not believe true professionals in media or other industries will exploit your children. There is no purpose or honor in that. Nor do I believe manufacturing dolls named after your daughters is anything but positive so I am disappointed in your comments to the media. (see link)




In my opinion this is another way your family’s influence filters down to the people. Think of all the little girls playing “White House” with those dolls. Imagine the dreams for themselves that play will conjur. And as you well know, thoughts and dreams help create habits and actions that lead to achievement.





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