I hereby resign…

January 10, 2009

Daily Thought from www.RealSimple.com
December 29, 2008

 For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe. 

— Anonymous

This quote hit my Inbox just in time for New Year’s resolutions. I hadn’t thought about “peace of mind” as a resolution, but I sure do think of myself as “general manager of the universe.”


Not really in conscious terms but reading that quote forced me to admit I try to manage my universe—and of course that includes my circle of family and friends. I have no doubt they will tell you in a heartbeat that I like to micromanage.


Here’s the thing. It doesn’t work. The universe doesn’t want me managing it, and doesn’t respond really well to management. I am not in control and shouldn’t be.


I know and have experienced that when I am open to the universe to send the things I want and need my way, it answers. It sends them and my universe flows easily. Why do I forget that sometimes and try to push it?


It’s that Type A-Virgo-oldest child in me, I believe. This week a coworker told me I’m “a lady who gets things done” and I took that as a compliment. Given the laws of physics that means there is an equal reaction for that action of getting things done: it is that I push and I drive and I sometimes force.


So in 2009 I want to continue to be a lady who gets things done, when the universe sends them to me. Along the way, I wait and remain open to my universe. I hereby resign as…general manager.


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