Get your girl the right gift

December 15, 2008

There are two things a girl–and by girl I mean any adult woman, any age–should always splurge on. Professional hair color and designer perfume.

Stacey and Clinton of “What Not to Wear” fame won’t agree with me but I don’t think the expense of designer clothes is always necessary. But for a few classic pieces, women’s fashion changes too often so don’t spend the money on something that lasts only a season.

But designer perfume, in the scent that complements you, is a timeless investment. Each one smells different on each woman depending on our body chemistry. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Black by Kenneth Cole–classy, elegant
  • Be Delicious by DKNY–perfect for spring/summer
  • Red Delicious by DKNY–heavier than the above so great for fall/winter
  • Tresor by Lancome–another elegant scent, more floral than Black

Guys, you can’t go wrong buying your lady designer perfume. Get a gift receipt just in case the fragrance doesn’t mix well with her personal chemistry. Then…pay attention to what she gets so you can replace it when it’s gone or work with the sales counter rep to select something like it.

Don’t want to do that? Buy a gift certificate to her hair salon. Or one your female coworkers recommend if she doesn’t yet have a favorite salon. Professional hair services, either color or highlights make a difference. They tell us we can duplicate the look at home on our own, but we can’t. And it’s a pain. Make her life easier. Give her the gift of self-indulgence.


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