Her kitchen resembled mine

November 28, 2008

I saw a news story yesterday – Thanksgiving Day – about a woman in Colorado. She was preparing Thanksgiving dinner for 30 or so strangers. People who responded to her www.craigslist.com ad. She said she didn’t even really know how to cook but wanted to help others because she and her family had recently made it through some rough times.

It was her modest kitchen and her noble intent that made me cry. Her kitchen was small, really no bigger than mine. Cooking for 10 in my kitchen would be a challenge. Three times that seems impossible!

And I’m not a bad cook, but I’d be a nervous wreck cooking for a crowd that size. Not her. She was calm, humble and seemed to be looking forward to it.

In the same weekend when yet another band of terrorists are killing innocents in India, it was so nice to hear about this good woman. An ordinary woman, with a kind heart, doing good for a few folks. We need more of her. God bless you.


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