Breast Cancer Awareness Month poem

October 19, 2008

The color of strength


We color you pink to deplete

            the power you only think you have

Suicide bomber,

health terrorist hits

our mothers’ lives, our sisters’ lives, our BFFs’ lives


We color you pink to prove you are

spineless and weak

Pink is love, it is hope

it is all that we are

life-carrying, life-nurturing, caretaking us!


We color you pink for who we are

            young breasts and old

Pink is breasts cancer-free

it is those who we know

Sheryl and Laurie who whooped your sorry hide, Tani still in the fight, and Donna K. who let you win your ten-year siege


We color you pink because we can

take control

Pink penetrates your evil gray

with brighter hope for the day

when you perish, breast cancer.



© 2008 L.W. McDonald


One comment

  1. breast cancer is of course easy to diagnose early and very easy to treat if you catch it early;’~

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