Poor Joe

October 18, 2008

I wish mainstream media understood that its total lack of regard for privacy is invasive and quite frankly, unpleasant. Unfortunately presidential candidates sometimes fuel the fire.

Case in point: “Joe the plumber.” This poor Ohioan wanted a straight answer from Barack Obama…which I don’t believe he ever got.

Instead McCain and Obama dropped the imposed nickname for Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbacher from Toledo countless times during the last 2008 presidential election debate, followed by reporters and cameras camped out on his lawn. Don’t know about the rest of you but that sort of makes me never want to ask a candidate a question.

In a democracy (which seems to be quickly melding into something else), shouldn’t the voters be able to pose questions to candidates? If not, then there is no need for them to spend millions of dollars on the campaign trail. But more importantly, how about the media stay out of our faces – the face of “Joe Public” – when we try to get straight answers.


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