Undecided voter wants one answer

October 6, 2008

Your attention, please, Senators McCain and Obama. In less than 30 days I need to cast my vote for one of you. Matter of fact, I could vote tomorrow because to save gas and time, I vote by absentee ballot.

Just one problem. Neither of you has convinced me you are the best choice. And because of that, I am thinking about not voting! I have voted religiously since I turned 18, which means 30 years. I do not take it lightly and value it as a privilege and a freedom of living in America.

So you should be afraid when I say I might not vote. Are there others out there like me? Regular voters. Voters who are moderately informed and want to make good choices. Voters who might decide that picking the lesser of two evils is just not worth the effort this time around.

Here’s the deal. You need to wow me. Not with political double-speak and non-answers. No PR spin or fluff. I want the real answer to one question.

On your watch as president, how will you respond if there is another terrorist attack on Americans–on American soil or abroad?

That’s all I really want to know. You by yourself cannot do anything about the economy, or health care, or taxes or energy. If you’re persuasive, you’ll convince Congress to work with you, but those are joint decisions.

But when attacked, as we were Sept. 11, 2001, the entire country – even the world – looked to a single man. The President of the United States.

If your turn comes to be in those shoes, how will you respond?


One comment

  1. I am undecided as well. Both candidates leave a lot to be desired in my opinion. I don’t think that McCain is really capable of leading this country out of the funk we are in right now but on the other hand I also question a lot of former associates of Obama, including the terrorist Ayers and Reverand Wright and Rezko.

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