Fill in the blanks

September 1, 2008

At last we know who both presidential candidates picked for VP. I’m not sure what to make of either one, but at least now all the cards are on the table.

For the obvious reason, I like Gov. Palin. She’s a she…like me. But I never want to be the sort of person who makes a pick based on gender, color, religion, etc. I want to choose the best leader.

Until about 10:58 a.m. ET Friday, I (and probably many other Americans) could not have told you who Alaska’s governor was, so I am reluctant to readily embrace McCain’s choice. All I’ve heard to date is she’a “hockey mom” with a journalism degree who hunts, has five children and has been governor for two years. Still nothing substantive on which I can cast a vote for U.S. president.

Biden on the other hand has name recognition. But I have a feeling if this was a private sector deal and Obama had just been hired as CEO, while Biden only got a VP position, Biden would never last. He would be bitter because he didn’t picked as CEO while this young climber with little experience was running the show. That rarely works in business and I don’t see it working well in government. Government has its own unique and often bizarre operating rules, but at its core, the systems – and the people – function much the same as on the private side.

As I see it, both sides now owe us some solid answers. I want Palin to tell us what she accomplished for Alaska and its people. I want Obama to tell us, without script in hand, what he will accomplish for America and its people.

I want all four to answer tough questions with real answers. No buzzwords, no PR spin, no marketing fluff. Be real. Prove why you should be allowed the privilege of leading this great nation for four years. And do it soon, please–the clock is ticking quickly away to Nov. 4.

(Oh by the way, stay out of the Gulf Coast. You’re not president yet, either one of you. Go on with the Republican convention, get on with a campaign that tell us what you will do for America and how you will do it. Let President Bush and his administration deal with the Gustav crisis.)


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