If not now, when?

August 16, 2008

Less than three months to the presidential election, and still neither McCain nor Obama have picked their veeps. What’s up with that?

I realize the VP really doesn’t do much…unless something happens to the pres. Then we have a problem. We better hope the pres made a solid choice–picked someone who is capable of running the country.

For me, particularly in this 2008 race, the VP pick will influence my vote. Neither candidate impresses me much. I feel like my vote will be for the lesser of two evils. Not a comforting feeling in today’s crazy world.

I want a strong president, who is a visionary leader. Not just an eloquent speaker or someone with military experience. I want substance, in the P/VP package.

This election scares me because the next four years could bring a whole new wave of problems. But maybe, just maybe, with the right vice president, I will feel more confident in one of these candidates.

So gentlemen, make a decision today and share it with your fellow Americans!


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