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Shower power

August 16, 2008

I read this tip recently, and while I’m not sure it’s right for my life, it may be for those of you who garden or have lots of house plants.

We all know how much water goes down the drain while we wait for the water to heat up for our shower, right? Try putting a bucket in the shower to catch that water while you wait.

You can use that water for your plants, inside and out. For that matter, it’s clean water. If you keep your bucket clean, you could transfer the water to a pitcher in your frig and have cool H20 ready and waiting for the family and guests.


If not now, when?

August 16, 2008

Less than three months to the presidential election, and still neither McCain nor Obama have picked their veeps. What’s up with that?

I realize the VP really doesn’t do much…unless something happens to the pres. Then we have a problem. We better hope the pres made a solid choice–picked someone who is capable of running the country.

For me, particularly in this 2008 race, the VP pick will influence my vote. Neither candidate impresses me much. I feel like my vote will be for the lesser of two evils. Not a comforting feeling in today’s crazy world.

I want a strong president, who is a visionary leader. Not just an eloquent speaker or someone with military experience. I want substance, in the P/VP package.

This election scares me because the next four years could bring a whole new wave of problems. But maybe, just maybe, with the right vice president, I will feel more confident in one of these candidates.

So gentlemen, make a decision today and share it with your fellow Americans!