Stranger than Fiction

May 31, 2008

Isn’t it amazing that if someone has “relations” with a minor where I live and probably where you live, the person is arrested…but if he happens to live in a polygamist sect in Texas, state judges at all levels approve it!

In my world, if a 50-something man kissed my minor daughter just one time, my pursuit of him would be relentless. Until he was locked up, my mind would not rest.

But in San Angelo, Texas, it’s okay if a 50-something pig impregnates your minor child! This is the worst case of injustice I remember since the O.J. Simpson criminal trial!

Is Texas prepared for more and more old men violating young girls? While I’m not a lawyer, this week’s decision certainly seems to say to Texans that there are no boundaries when it comes to a creep’s sexual desires. Run, girl, run!


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