McLellan’s book insults Americans’ intelligence

May 31, 2008

It’s hard for me to take Scott McLellan’s allegations seriously. This is the guy who worked for President Bush #2 for six years. SIX YEARS! But now, two years and one fat publisher’s paycheck later, McLellan suddenly finds principles. Gimme a break! Surely you take the American public for a bunch of idiots, Scott.

If any of those things you allege were true and really mattered to you in principle, you would have left the White House after one year. Ahhh, but then you probably wouldn’t have gotten that publishing deal. Or at the very least, the book would be on the fiction list.

According to Wikipedia, his entire career has been in politics. In that world, particularly at that level, McLellan could have walked away from the White House and right into some other prominent position. Like many others have done, he no doubt could have moved into the private sector and tripled his salary overnight.

Wait, I guess he has done that with this book deal, hasn’t he? I’m not saying what he wrote is or is not true – how would I know?

But I cannot buy it as truth from him when he stayed in the situation he claims to find so awful for six years. If any of what you wrote is true, Scott, you are equally at fault as anyone you point your finger at in the book.


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