May 1, 2008

Can you name all the democratic presidential wannabes that jumped in when the 2008 presidential race started way back in 1998? Okay, okay…it didn’t start 10 years ago, but it sure feels like it’s been going on forever!

My point is that the political pundits, the media and the candidates carry on about some of the smallest things during their fight to win the nomination and the¬†presidencey. Yet most of it is quickly forgotten, like the early hopefuls’ names.

In my daily life so much of what they waste time on is irrelevant and unimportant. Instead of arguing about whether or not to debate again, how about some reality-based solutions to the expense of being a middle class or lower class family in 2008? Help us find jobs. Help us put food on the table. Help us own – and keep – homes.

Those are the things that matter, aren’t they? Not how many debates or how many candidates. Even after the final election, few of us will remember all the sordid details. How about acting and thinking presidentially now, to demonstrate to American citizens why you truly deserve the opportunity to lead our country and impact our individual lives?


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